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Promotion of Education, Interreligious and Cultural Dialogue, Development & Transformation. We achieve these objectives using today's most powerful tool: Mass Media.” (Christian Peschken ,Chairman, Pax Media Foundation)
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S t i c h t i n g   P a x   M e d i a   F o u n d a t i o n

In January 2018 Christian Peschken, a Film & TV Producer, and accredited TV Correspondent at the U.N. in Geneva, and his wife Patricia, also a TV Producer, and accredited TV correspondent at the U.N. in Geneva, Switzerland, founded STICHTING PAX MEDIA FOUNDATION aka Pax Media Foundation located in Breda, Netherlands.
The Foundations Mission & Objective: 1. Pax Media Foundations objective is to raise funds so we can provide project funding support to organizations (incl. Media) and individuals who promote peace, inter-religious dialogue, and a multicultural society, plus are committed to combating discrimination, stereotyping and prejudices concerning religion, culture, and ethnicity by providing education, promoting and dissemination of information and all other actions related to the aforementioned; 2. to finance, produce and distribute its own projects that are related to the aforementioned in the widest sense or that can be conducive to this; 3. to perform all further acts relating to the foregoing in the broadest sense or which may be conducive to this.
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